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Beogradski Manifest


The area is a kind of support to the development of culinary tourism in Serbia. Through the presentation of gastronomy festivals, authentic and distinctive local specialties of particular regions in Serbia are also being presented.

Through large number of events of this type, authentic dishes that are part of Serbian tradition for centuries are presented. Participants in this zone are the winners of culinary events.

Socially responsible / humanitarian segment of the festival will help those who need help through this program segment.

Every day of the festival, in a certain period, public figures will prepare Serbian specialties under the supervision of the best chefs of food festivals where visitors will be able to purchase some of the prepared meals, at the same time donating a certain amount to charity.

The second festival day, in the sign of humanity, will be escorted by our biggest TV station wagon – Zikina sarenica. Show dedicated to the Belgrade Manifest and its cultural significance, with special emphasis on the humanitarian aspect of this zone.


Beogradski Manifest